Monday, October 11, 2010

Opps Halloween has gone wrong

I went to bed last night dreaming of Halloween; spiders, witches, ghost and ghouls and all things black, purple orange and green danced in my dreams.  I always dream in colour and usually it is about cards or creations; after all that is what I do in my spare time and sleeping unfortunately is filed in the “spare time category” lol.

So here I was all set ready to go, dropped the Master Dylan off at school and the two girls and I were heading to Dreamsworks to find mummy some scary papers.  Well that was a big flop :( Again I emphasis us “Aussies” don’t do Halloween and hence; I had a selection of papers from a choice of ONE.  That just was not going to do! I had dreamed of silver and gold spider webs on a dark piercing black, bats flying high on green and purple! (I do so think I should become a paper designer – I send Ms Sally into a tail spin most morning I walk in the shop looking for a paper I dreamed of the night prior, that ... doesn’t exist (well it does but only in my head!) .

Hmm ... ok, well if I can’t buy what I want, I shall do as I always do and improvise and make my own :)  Stocked up with a good stash of black and a mix of purples, greens and oranges away home we went. Tended to the children (that sounds like they are a vegetable garden but they do grow everyday!) before mummy can play so I added my stash to my basket and sorted the blossoms out.

Let’s make a start and that’s when trouble hit! Filed nicely behind my black was “my darling pink” I have hundreds nope thousands of sheets of this darling hot metallic pink (ordered for the base of my wedding invitations, only for my husband and I to change our minds and we eloped! You don’t need invitations when one elopes: DOH!  I even use it as scrap and test paper as I have sooo much of it!)

Pink and Halloween just so doesn’t go but I just had to pick it up, I had to play with it! It looked so adorable up against the black, I started thinking of chess boards and then silver started to play in my head, a flower popped up here and there and I even saw a butterfly appear right before my eyes!  Oh dear some days the best laid plans just never come to for fill.  

But you can see it too know can’t you? Mwahahahha


So what do I love?
Well there is not much I DON’T LOVE or can’t love about this little pretty.
I love ‘my darling pink’ and I work it in whenever I can, and against the black she is stunning.  (Seriously thinking of doing a box in the check pattern as I love it soo much, just not looking forward to the weaving part lol.)
I love my 3 3D glitter butterflies and the glitter I added to the end two.
My punched petals with their alternating little pink jewels and diamantes centres and the clear glitter highlights on the white flowers.
My cupcake stamp (first set of stamps I ever brought) and of course I had to emboss the cupcake (base is stamped black, icing is embossed in a homemade hot pink and the cherry was done in pearl red emboss.  I added Kindy Glitz highlights to the icing and the cherry).
The butterfly lace on the easel mount (I brought 3 of these and have been hoarding them as I like them so much but I don’t want to give them away lol).

Challenges this card is entering:
Clean & SimpleFTL111 – Layout (Friday) Check
Craft CalendarChallenge #13 – First Birthday (Friday) Check

While as much as I would like to keep this little baby she has a calling to my best friend.  It’s her birthday next month; the colours are right up her ally, along with the butterflies and the cupcake and there is hope of a matching box for her gift. And just the shear fact that as much as I want to I can’t keep every card I make. :(

Fair winds and following seas.
~~The Navy Wife ~~

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BA said...

this is so beautiful, a wonderful project
thanks for joining us at FWSM
xoxo BA

Anonymous said...

Just nice to hear that somebody else has the problem of having picture in mind and can`t get them "on paper" *lol*.

Great card and thanks for taking part at shapes and more.

Hugs Ivi

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