Saturday, October 16, 2010

Feather Christmas Wreath

Evenings all! I got lots done today.  I have a stack of projects all in a pile that needed to be finished and while the kids played outside on the swings and in the water mummy got to work with her hot glue gun and glitters.

First up I finished my feather Christmas wreath.  I saw a picture of one of these on the internet last year and just knew I had to have one this year and now I DO!  I like clean and simple (means less dusting) and the one I saw on the internet did have a bird house and wooden wording all worked into it but I thought of it being out in the weather and how easy it would be to collect dust, webs and other little bugs. 

I also want to try and keep mine reasonable clean as I have plans for it after Christmas.  I am hoping to add a simple round mirror behind it and add it to Chole’s room for a mirror / decoration.  Her colour is pink and I think it will fit well in there.  Without all the additional ‘ado’ it makes it a lot more practical and versatile and I soo love things that can be mutli-purposed :)

What do I love about this little piece.
I love how the white feathers remind me of snow! (Even though I have only seen it once in my life – besides TV)
I adore the sparkly bow and the hot pink baubles are to die for.

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Fair winds and following seas.
~~The Navy Wife ~~

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Cheryl said...

This is GORGEOUS!!! Love the colours and the feathers do remind you of snow!! BTW thanks for stopping by and following my blog!!

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