Saturday, October 16, 2010

Light a candle for me

I so love this little candle vase and besides waiting for the glitter paint to dry she is sooo easy to make.  The gorgeous swirl pattern is from my digi stamps that I printed out to the size I wanted, then taped it to the inside of the vase and then selected the colour glitter and glitter painted the swirl onto the glass. 

The vase was a bargain $2 from the local cheap shop and I used glitter fabric paint (it won’t wash off without being scrubbed) but I would still recommend a gentle dusting when cleaning it.  I added some of my little glitter sticker flowers and butterflies to the top of the swirl and I also added some of my jewels on the swirl design.  I also found it best to work with one colour at a time (left to right) and allowing it to fully dry in-between coats.

Add a candle (another $2) some decorative rocks ($2) and you have a elegant, stunning and CHEAP Christmas /Birthday gift.  I am thinking there is going to be quite a few of these under my tree this year :) 

*Being glass it was not the easiest piece to get a photo of but I gave it my best, I also added a piece of black card stock behind the swirl to make it easier to see :$

What do I love about this light.
The simplicity of it, yet the look of elegance.
The versatility; being able to do this with a image stamp or smaller or larger vase.

Challenges for this little baby –             
* Quixotic Inspiration – Christmas is Coming (Ends 9th November)

Fair winds and following seas.
~~The Navy Wife ~~

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