Thursday, August 18, 2011

Posh Pin(s) Tutorial

How to make your own
Posh Pins Tutorial
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Today I have another money saving technique to share with you all.  I am going to show you how to make your own ‘Posh Pins’ as I have used on this card here. 

Aren’t they Lush-a-licious! They look beautiful but expensive too!

Materials you will need -
An assortment of pins – Hat pins, floral pin, sewing pins, Jewelry head pins ect.
An assortment of beads and or pearls.
Hot glue gun
Heat embossing gun (optional)
Note the pins in the picture are 2 x jewelry head pins, a floral pin and an assortment of sewing pins with pearl heads.
Steps -
1.Take your pins and thread on beads until you find a design you like. Today I am making these pins with this design.
2.Holding your pin from the sharp end, let the beads roll down on the pin to your fingers.  Take your hot glue gun and add a some amount of glue to the top of the exposed metal of the pin.   While the glue is still hot and pliable, move your beads back up to the top of the pin.If your glue dries before you get your pins up, hit it with your embossing gun for a few seconds and this will remelt your glue allowing the beads to move up over the glue again.
3.If you find you have glue mess or dollop of glue at the head of the pin when finished (like mine in the picture); grab your embossing gun and pin and give it a few seconds under the heat, turning as you are heating it.  This will remelt the hot glue and should remove the excess and leave your pin nice and smooth. – heating your pin up will also allow you to remove beads if you change your mind on the design.
4.Look at that! Your pins are now finished and ready to be added to your creations!

This is how my finished card ended up! I think my blue sparkle posh pins go elegantly with  the Butterfly verse from The Crafty Pad Designs and the Butterfly fluttering ticket
Really gives it a stylish and classy look don't you think? 

Do you like the Teepee card as well? 
It is a gorgeous and unusual fold! 
Why not have a peak at this tutorial here
kindly made by the lovely Ms Ali @ Aqualeiga's Escape
and have go at making yourself one too! 

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aqualeiga said...

Hi Leesa,

Hope you're feeling better hun, have missed you over on TCP admin...

Just HAD to pop over and tell you how excited I am...I just made my first ever posh pins after being inspired by your tute! They're on a DT card for next week, but I'll deffo be plugging your fab tute in my post, I had so much fun choosing the beads etc and am thrilled with the end result, so big warm fuzzy thank yous!! MWAH! ;)

Ali x

Sandra H said...

Hi, that was a great tutorial and the end result is brilliant l do like your finished creation its fabulous:) Sandra H

Dawnll said...

Oh my goodness these are just so beautiful.
Love that tee pee piece your displaying on.
blessings to you, Dawn ll

Juliet A said...

I bought a slew of head pins and metal glue, just so I could make some of these!

Dawn said...

Thought I'd left you some love on this post already but seems not!
I love your posh pins tutorial!
Dawn xx

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