Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rewind just 24!

Augh! Ever get those times when you are  having a bad day and just need to vent?
Well welcome to my day!

I am a rather grumpy girl today and it is in no way my fault. 
So lets try and find the lighter side of life with a somewhat funny story to start.
 In August last year, fortunately while hubby was home for once, our house was broken into by two young kids, both in their teens about 15 or 16.  They decided they were going to help themselves to our laptop that was sitting on the breakfast bar, thankfully plugged in around the phone, the pens and all the other junk that seems to amass there and my handbag :(

Before this particular evening I used to sleep like a log, so much so a bomb under my pillow would not wake me.  Hubby was on leave so he was being the night owl he tends to be, laying in bed watching you tube car videos or whatever men do with their iphones, when he heard a noise.  He thought it was Dylan, our Master 5, getting up to go to the toilet but after a few moments when no light came on, he luckily enough got curious and went to see.  Perhaps Dylan had decided to go back to bed (not a good thing if he woke up to go to the toilet).
So off down the hallway my dearest hubby went ... Now my darling husband likes to sleep naked and there really is no modesty in this house (I cannot remember the last time I got to pee alone, welcome to motherhood if you’re not already there!) So off hubby went down the hallway with the family jewels out and enjoying a midnight stroll, and when he got to the end and turned on the light Oh WOW ... He was so ever nicely greeted with the view of two young louts standing in the kitchen with my handbag over one of their shoulders and the other with the laptop under his arm.  I do not know what they thought of dearest naked hubby standing in the doorway.

Well hubby has a killer instinct so he naturally took chase yelling and screaming and waking me up with quite a fright.  With all the commotion I did not have a clue what was going on, I just knew someone was in our house and they were not meant to be and it had ticked hubby off and he was screaming about it!  (Surprisingly all three kids slept though it all!)  I naturally grabbed my Mr Wacky Pointy stick (I sleep with this baby tucked into my bed – call it my safety blanket especially when Ben is away – it’s hard enough to hurt, pointy enough to make you wince but not really deadly enough to kill if it was to be snatched from my hands while in use hitting someone if the need should ever arise)  

So off down the hallway Mr Wacky stick and I run, just in time to see my hubby’s cute glow moon white butt go jumping out the window!  Over to the window I run, and there goes his white naked butt again, this time over the side fence!  There is NO way I was going through that window out into the dark so at that point I ran to the front door, flicked on the lights and every other switch I passed along the way, grabbing the phone too.  Laptop was gone so I knew we had just been burgled and my handbag was nowhere in sight so it was not looking good for it either.

I don’t do running (my dear that would be exercise and I get enough of that with 3 kids) so I knew there was no point me following as I was sure whoever hubby was chasing was faster than Miss 2 year old and hence no point, and I still had to check on the kids so I could not go if I wanted to.

After checking on the kids I waited inside the front windows for hubby to return.  About 15 minutes later his naked form walked up the driveway, no laptop, no handbag :(  He went straight to the bedroom threw on a pair of shorts – thankfully he drove the car last and had the keys or they would have been in my bag, and he told me he had to come back and get clothes for if the police or neighbours herd, found or saw him, he would be the one getting arrested running around screaming like an crazy man totally naked in the middle of the night. Oh  SO TRUE!   I can understand how the kids found the momentum to run like the wind as I know if there was a naked man the size of my hubby running after me yelling and screaming I could outrun any man too! 

So he jumped in the car and decided to see if he could find them from where he lost sight of them.  I was left in charge of ringing the police which I did.  I decided I was going to check out exactly how they managed to get in the house and went over to the window.  On the floor in the dining room was the laptop power cord, my dining room table pushed into the wall through all the commotion, walking over to the window I saw the mouse just dangling on the sill and down on the grass was the laptop! Bonus! As back then I did not have an external hard drive and the laptop held every picture of the kids I had ever taken, birth you name it, the lot was on there!

I didn’t touch any of it, I left it all where it was (I watch movies! The police had to fingerprint it!)  I rang hubby at this point and told him the laptop was here but no sign of my handbag.  30 minutes after all the happened the police sniffer dog turned up (really impressed with how fast this guy was at arriving – I should mention as we spoke we was still putting his shoes and socks on, he had been woken because of our call – lol he was happy though he gets TRIPLE TIME pay rate for call outs! So there were no complaints on his end).  He and his mighty big and I will say scary dog took off on a scent. 

In the meantime, two hours after all this! The police finally showed up to take our statements and all that jazz.  They mainly spoke to Ben as he saw the kids and I didn’t, they showed him a set of flip cards with known offenders in the area and he picked out one.  They picked up the laptop and the flyscreen the louts had removed and placed them in the garage for the fingerprint guy who would come in the morning and then they left.  The sniffer dog man came back eventually and with my handbag, including all contents and my wallet, but sadly none of the cash that had been in it prior though.  Still... on the good side at least I did not have to go get a new licence and bank cards and go through all that trouble.  

The next morning the police came, fingerprinted the flyscreen, laptop and the window (oh what a mess to clean off, I still have black dust on my window I cannot get off) and somewhat rudely I think, we have never heard anything back from the police since.  I do know around that time a lot of houses where broken into in our area, but we have not heard a single thing back.  We have no clue if they even ever caught the (excuse my French) scumbags. 

So not long after hubby had to return to work and that meant returning to base and leaving me home alone with 3 kids again.  Until this happened I had never been afraid of the dark or sleeping alone, I was conscious and weary of the dark but not afraid.  I found myself up till the wee wee hours of the morning unable to sleep as I heard every creak, crack and noise my house made.  Each sound I would have to get up and investigate.  This went on for 3 months, until Ben came home for wrap at Christmas and when he was home oh boy did I sleep! It was good!

I think over this time my nerves settled back down as after he left again while I still do not sleep heavy I do now sleep and can easily go to bed just after sun down or with the kids! 

Well ... That was until last night.  I had a crafting night last night, getting together a few last minute things for class and was sitting in front of the telly in the dark hand stitching to the glow when a mighty crack came from outside at the side gate.  My gate is padlocked with a trick, so if you’re not aware of the padlock further down on it you don’t know it’s there.  It sounded like someone had just lifted the clasp and started walking before the gate had actually opened (we all do it and have done it, opened a door but walked to soon) well that really was the sound it made as I heard the bars still vibrate and rattle after the initial bang.  It was not soft enough to be a cat jumping the fence and it sure was not a dog.

So with pussy cat Master Romeo in my arms (hey at worst case I could throw the cat, he has claws and I didn’t have time to run to the bedroom and then to the front of the house, I had to make do with the tools I had at hand lol) we went bounding into the front room, quickly flicked on the light and opened the blinds with a mighty fast swipe.  Well, well.  What should I see but one teenage lout straddling my fence about to jump to the other side and his little mate face to face with me on the other side of the window and then a mighty big yell from him ‘run’. 

I have security lights at the front of the house (actually have them everywhere around the house since the break in 6 months ago) and until last weekend when my mother came over and cleaned my garden, especially the front one in which she took out all my prickly thorny Bogan villa, you could not get through the garden bed.  You had to come up the drive way and that would instantly set the lights off.   These two had managed to firstly get in the yard without setting the driveway lights off, then they must have nearly climbed the side fence to not set off the lights on the front house corner and then they stood safely under the motion sensor as they tried to open and then jump the gate.

Only problem for Mr still sitting on the fence was that his mate’s actions of doing the piss bolt had set the sensor off and it lit him up like a Christmas tree straddling my gate!  He quickly disembarked the way he came and took off like a bullet as well.  I don’t know what was scarier, the fact the I was actually brave enough to just pull back the blinds in one fowl swoop without peaking or these two kids shitting themselves seeing a woman in her sloppiest PJ’s holding a fluffy white fur ball (Oh so scary NOT). 
I of course rang the police but there really was not much they could do.  They actually had not broken in and stolen anything and the only fault they could charge them with, if they ever caught them was trespassing.  And they just reassured me that there have been a lot of reported thefts and sightings in the area of late – well that is just so comforting for me!

So ... Now my uneasiness is back! When I did eventually fall asleep last nigh, it was on the couch.  And then Master Dylan woke me a 3am with a mighty fright lol telling me to GO TO BED! So I think I got all of 4 hours sleep.  The girls were in school today so this morning I got the shopping I needed to get done before heading off to class and then off to pick Master Dylan up from school just in time before the bell rang.  I really did not have a chance to stop and take a breath, relax or a cat nap and by the time I picked up Dylan I was dead tired. 

So to just top my day and make it perfect ... I crashed the car :(
I swear I looked and the pole was not there. Okay it was there, I just thought I had heaps of room and was safe to reverse.  Also, I thought I was clear of the pole to reverse. It could have been worse I admit but still. Just perfect for the day I was having and an expense I really just don’t need.

 This is still a good part of the day ... I had to tell hubby yet.  

 He is hmmmm understatement a car fanatic! Surprisingly he has taken it well. I had to email him pictures of it from every angle possible though! There will be some bodywork to do I think, he is going to assess it when he comes home next, in the meantime I just have to replace the light which I am hopping my dear little brother will offer his hand at for a trade off for some chocolate spiders!

Don’t you hate when you get yourself into a routine and have things going perfectly and then *poof* the world turns itself upside down and you find yourself on your head again.  

 I really wish I could hit the rewind 24 hour button right about now!

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Shelly said...

Hi! Wow what a story! Sounds like you've had a right time of it! And to top it off the car goes and reverses itself into a pole!! Things can only get better... keep you chin up! Hugs Shelly x

aqualeiga said...

Oh Leesa, bless you, what an awful trial for you :( I can imagine how you feel in the house with the littlies and no DH around....shame you didn't have a camera in your hand instead of the cat! Hang in there hun, big ((((hugs)))) from over the pond. Ali x

Barbara said...

Oh Leesa, I popped over to spread some good news about a site I what a tragedy! I feel so sorry for you all alone with 3 children. I agree a camera should be near you. Maybe a watch dog? Poor honey.
I am glad you have paper crafting to take your mind off of everything for awhile at least!! Here is a sight to translate your name into a fairy name and it also give you the fairy characteristics

Thought Chole would just love this.

OMG I can still picture your husband running after the two boys!!! How about a security system?? Are you living on base? Always keep your husband's things around so that people think he is there even when he is not. Hugs to you.

Juliet A said...

I was a Navy wife too, and I know exactly what you are talking about. I will tell you two things that brought me great comfort while my husband was away.

First, I had a foreign exchange student. A teenager is normally useless, but when you need an extra near adult body, they are great.

Second, jingle bells! I hung ingle bells on every window and door knob. It is very helpful discerning between creaky house noises and someone coming in the house noises.

An Occasional Genius said...

Wow Leesa, what a welcome story on my first visit to your blog!!! I'm sorry to say I the thought of your hubby being so angry he leapt out the window & up the road in the altogether!!! Credit to him for defending you all no matter what cost! By the end I was nearly in tears, bless you. It must be awful not sleeping well, it affects everything else so much. Haven't got any practical advice I'm afraid but I'll send you a hug. Don't let the B****** get you down x

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