Monday, March 28, 2011

*NEW* The Crafty Pad Spring Changes!

Evening all blogger friends.

Have I got something to cool for school for you!

We all love a fresh new look, don't we...

Well then, you had better pop on over to not only  

BUT ALSO - yes there is more! 
(this is after all The Crafty Pad and lovely & talented Debbie Moore we are talking about)

What great new features are in store for you now ???

Well INSTANT Downloads for one! 
got to LOVE LOVE LOVE that - no more waiting for emails to be sent.

An easy to navigate menu with loads more specific categories!

Newsletter Subscription so you will never miss out on the latest challenge(s) or latest released images!

With the awesome new look I am staring to get that Spring feeling! 
Spring brings fresh ideas and I heard in the wind there is more surprises to come! 
I am not one to give out secrets but I am sure I heard something SWEET
Guess you will have to follow along with us to find out more *tease* :P

Remember this weeks challenge for 'Mothers Day' started yesterday and you have till 8pm GMT on Saturday to have those entries in! 
Wednesday is looking good for something really too cool for you all as well :P

See you at where???
at The Crafty Pad, where else is there!

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