Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend in a wrap

Well it has been a very crafty weekend for me (surprisingly enough even with Little Miss Emilie going through a teething meltdown and needing extra hugs, cuddles and kisses from mummy).  So I have been playing with some CUP sheets (Crafts U Print) that have resulted in some beautiful cards all ready for Christmas.  I seem to have an embossing bug at the moment as nearly all my cards I have embossed in some way.  Ahh love the moments and phases that my crafts and cards go through! I will upload all the pics for you and give a detailed run down of what I have done to get each creation.

I have the reality of the real world starting back for me tomorrow.  The end of school holidays :( Oh how I love not having to do the school run.  Don't fear I have lots of ideas running through my head at the moment so crafts will be running hot off the press :)
Till next time ~

Fair winds and following seas.
~~The Navy Wife~~

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